6 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Are Failing

Have you ever been really excited about doing Facebook ads for your business? You go to Google and type something like “how do I run crazy good Facebook ads?” You’ll look through the results and click on a blog post, read it, then jaunt on over to Facebook to set up your campaign. As you go through the set up, it looks completely foreign, definitely not as easy as that damn blog post said it was going to be! You get half way through and get frustrated, or you give up and half-ass the setup – wasting your budget with no leads to show for it. Luckily, we are here to walk you through most common Facebook ad’s mistakes.


Your ad has boring ad visuals or copy.


Did you know that humans have an average attention span of 8 seconds? P.S. That happens to be less than a goldfish. We also only have .25 seconds to capture our prospects attention on the Facebook news feed. If we don’t capture it within that window, they are lost. The point is, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. If you think a picture is a little boring, the prospect is going to think the same way. Tell us, which stock photo you’d prefer on an ad. Which one is more eye catching?



The top image (as good of a Santa as he is) has been used for decades, and therefore most people’s subconscious ignores it before even really looking at it. Now take a look at the second picture. That’s a Santa that I haven’t seen before! Boom! In that instant, you’ve captured their attention. However, your ad copy must also be enticing for the prospect to actually follow through on your call to action. Here are two examples of ad copy. Which one is more appealing to you?


Example 1:

Please come in to check out our brand-new hearing aid. It has rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connection and also boasts excellent sound quality with a sleek charging case. Our most advanced model yet!!


Example 2:

The holidays are quickly approaching and your family wants you to be involved this year. Stop hiding out, away from your family this holiday and get back to enjoying your life! Our new hearing aid can help you not only hear better, but allows you to create lasting memories with your family!


This one is simple. Don’t sell the product, sell the benefits!


You used the wrong campaign objective.


The Facebook ads platform is excellent at serving your ad to users who are most likely to convert on your specified campaign objective. You just have to choose the right one! But which one is the best option for you?



If you want to raise awareness on a rebrand, you’d pick brand awareness. If you are trying to drive sales to hit a Q4 sales quota, you would choose conversions. Analyze exactly what you want your prospects to do before choosing an objective.


Are you optimizing your audience targeting?


LLA’s (look alike audiences) are one of the best features to come to FB ads. You create an audience that is similar to your customer list or people that like your Facebook page. By employing this strategy, you are targeting people similar to the folks that have already shown engagement with your brand. Try not to use broad audiences. This is a surefire way to blow through your campaign budget on people who are not within your specific target audience. The more targeted the better. With broad audiences, you may reach more people, but not necessarily the right people.


Budget is distributed poorly.


If you have different ad variations, one of the worst things you can do is just spread your budget equally across all of those ad variations. This will mean that you are spending just as much on the lower performing ads as you are on the rock star ads. Solution? Use Facebook’s campaign budget optimization tool. This will allow Facebook to allocate more of your budget to the ads that are performing the best, allowing your rock star ads to reach more prospects!


You’re not using testimonials or customer reviews in your ads.


I get it. It is awkward to ask your customers to do a testimonial for you. Remember this though: 90% of the time, your customers want to help, and might even already be talking about you to their friends and family! Ask them to do a short video testimonial or to write a testimonial for you. This will immediately give a sense of credibility and authenticity to your ads and provide social proof.


Constantly tinkering with the campaign.


There is a data learning phase that all Facebook ads go through in the first 48 hours when a new ad goes live. That learning phase consists of the Facebook algorithm optimizing delivery of your ad to the people that are most likely to convert. If you tinker with that ad during the first 48 hours, you’re resetting the learning phase every time you change a parameter. So, here’s the advice. Let the ad run for at least 3-4 days before making any changes.


If you need help setting up your Facebook campaigns connect with us for a complimentary strategy call. We can walk you through the process and explain in more detail the most important components of a successful campaign. Let us help you turn Facebook ads into a game changer for your business.