Direct Mail Is Still A Marketing Force

Direct Mail Has a Suprisingly High ROI


There is no doubt that the marketing landscape has changed. 60 years ago, there were only a few ways to reach your potential customers; radio, TV, Print and billboards. Now we have Google AdWords, Google Display Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Reddit Ads, Twitter, TikTok, Direct Mail, Radio, TV, billboards, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, Influencer marketing, etc. You get the point, marketing is a hell of a lot more complicated in 2020 than it was in 1960. With that being said, there is one channel that has been surprisingly consistent for years; direct mail. There are 7 reasons direct mail is still a marketing force in 2020, read on to find out more. 


Contrary to popular belief, direct mail still has an incredibly high ROI of 29%, higher than both that of paid search and display ads.

While the cost may be a bit higher than other channels, none of those other channels garners a response rate close to direct mail.

Direct Mail is the key to successful multi-channel campaigns.


By utilizing direct mail in your multi channel marketing campaigns you could see a lift in response rates by up to 20%. Furthermore, 84% of marketers reported that direct mail improves multichannel campaign performance.

Direct mail can be much more targeted than you realize.


For years, the knock on direct mail has been that it’s a shotgun type marketing approach. For some types of direct mail (every door direct mail) that’s true. However, if you’re dealing with a targeted direct mail partner, this is not the case. A targeted direct mail partner can get you a mailing list with extensive demographic information to target the prospects that are most likely to convert in your business. (Age, Household info other demographic info.)

Direct Mail is Trackable.


While you’re never going to know if prospect opens your mail, with call tracking, you will know exactly who has responded to your direct mail campaign. For example, with every direct mail campaign, we include call tracking and call recordings at no extra charge.

Direct Mail is becoming less common.


We are living in a digital age and many young marketers are much more familiar with implementing digital marketing campaigns vs. direct mail campaigns. Why is this good for you? Simple. Your mail campaign has a much higher chance of standing out.


Direct Mail is tangible


Direct mail is one of the only marketing strategies that allows the prospect to touch and feel the brand.

Imagine this scenario. You receive a 10$ off coupon from your local bar and grill. 2 weeks later you take the coupon to the local pub to cash in on your deal.

To keep track of the coupon you stick it to your fridge and your prospect is seeing your brand every day.

Direct mail is tangible. It sticks around and takes up physical space.

In fact, 66% of people have purchased a product because of direct mail.

Direct mail gets undivided attention.


Very few people throw away direct mail. There is a certain fear that accompanies it. What if there is a check? What if I have a past due payment I’m not aware of? What if there is a crazy good credit card offer I’m missing out on?

80% of direct mail recipients either scan or read each mail piece before throwing it away.

When you get an email or display ad, you are probably distracted. You have 10 different tabs open, all requiring a different level of your attention. The point is, when open mail, you have fewer distractions.

Direct Mail is inherently creative


Direct mail and creativity go hand in hand. Because direct mail is physical, marketers can be really unique in the way they approach campaigns. Here is a crazy good example from ADT. ADT had an ad highlighting just how easy it is to break into someones apartment or house by sliding a folded box under the door and then the box would pop up once it got into the house. What a cool campaign!

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