“We started working with the CAM team in January 2018 after we received a card in the mail with one of your "iron cross" mailers. Both Dr. Foust, our audiologist, and I found them to be quite eye-catching and decided it was time to give a mailer a chance. We were both impressed with how quickly the CAM team was able to get a personalized sample to us. He very quickly got our advertising out and the calls to come in. For each of the mailers we have used from you, we have received a minimum of 15 calls and sales of at least 6-10 pairs of hearing aids. We have had numerous patients comment on the quality of the mailer and how it convinced them to make the decision to pursue a hearing test and purchase. We like how you contact us on a regular basis and show us a new and different design. Each mailer brings us a group of new and interested customers. I have mentioned your company to some of our manufacturers and have encourage other audiological practices to consider your direct mail services. Thanks for all you have done!”


“The Turkey mailer worked well, we more than made our investment back and have some new happy hearing aid customers. Thanks again for making these events turn out great for us.”


“We were using several direct mail vendors in hopes to find the silver bullet that worked the best. I finally realized I would be better off using CAM to handle our mailings. We get a better price and we don’t have overlap our mailings to the same person. Our potential patient receives three pieces per year and it’s made a big difference in revenue. Our office did over one million in sales last year. CAM handles everything. It’s very simple and works great for us. They even print our quarterly newsletter. ”


“Even with a short time frame, CAM came through for us! The customer service and amazing follow up that the CAM team provides is reason enough to use them over the others out there. The CAM team also helped us understand repetition of sending the direct mailings is worth the money, so that when the consumer needs our service we are the first company that comes to mind. Direct mailings work and CAM is the company that can do it all with outstanding customer service and results.”


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